This is a thing I am doing now

I do not enjoy writing introduction posts for blogs. Part of this is because of repetition; I have written approximately five hundred versions of this kind of posts over the last twelve years. The first one was for a Nintendo fan site called Tommy’s Gaming Lair. I promised to deliver “objective, unbiased news about the latest Nintendo games.” I was nine years old, and it was a Blogspot site! Old internet was wild!

Hmm. Maybe the best solution here is to talk about what my goals are with this project. Some background: I am currently between my junior and senior year of college and I’m studying journalism; this means I am approaching a vast and scary cliff of unemployment and I’m frantically attempting to collect as many skills as I can before I need to tell a hiring manager that I should be the next Associate Staff Assistant Writer of their new-media website about the intersection of prestige television and cryptocurrency. I’m relatively confident in some of the skills I need. I think I’m a decent producer, a good video creator, and an okay reporter.

I don’t think I’m a great writer. If you’ve made it this far, I imagine you’ve picked up on that already. It’s particularly unfortunate because I am constantly drawn to writing. I read constantly. I am borderline obsessive about the media industry. One of my blogs was about the trends of the video game media industry. I was eleven. It’s weird for an eleven-year-old to have a blog and especially odd for the eleven-year-old to be writing about Vox Media hiring a bunch of Joystiq writers to create a new video games website.

I look at writers I love—Alex Pareene, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, Matt Taibbi, and Austin Walker to name a few—and I see the outlines of what makes their work great; it’s a specificity of language and control of tone and in-depth knowledge of a topic. I can grasp at the margins, but I can’t emulate the confidence they have in their voice.

That’s what this project is: me trying to be a better writer. And it’s an excuse to write about things I care about in a medium I am interested in. I grew up reading early film blogs and Gawker Media sites. Blogs are experimental in a way that I really dig.

Here’s what you can expect on Video Loss: articles about politics, the media, culture, technology, and the intersection between these topics. Regarding frequency, I am shooting for two to three posts a week. Hopefully as I build out some workflows I can get some kind of set schedule.

To whoever is reading this, thanks for sticking with me. I know that audience is probably no one but I’m trying to take this project as seriously as possible, because hopefully someday it will be the kind of project I need to take seriously because it’s my livelihood. Until then, I’m going to have a fun time experimenting on here.


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